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Exceptional leadership is essential to successful superyacht operations, increasing safety, enhancing crew performance, well-being, and retention. It ultimately results in a better onboard owner/guest experience.

BZ empowers aspiring and ascending superyacht leaders to develop exceptional professional leadership practice, allowing them to capably lead teams onboard superyachts, or ashore, and confidently progress their careers.

For the senior and experienced cadre, experiential learning and targeted reflection are used as a catalyst to deliver leadership mastery. Focusing on complex strategic and operational settings, BZ delivers superior Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to sharpen high-end leadership skills and enhance professional credibility. Learn more.

high performing crew


Superyacht crews are the maritime equivalent of a F1 Team; operating incredibly expensive state-of-the-art equipment, working under immense pressure, and perpetually judged by results. Marginal gains in performance can make all the difference, and exceptional teamwork is critical.

BZ has vast expertise in accelerating the creation of High Performing Teams and applying it in the superyacht environment. We are highly qualified performance coaches, and utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, psychometrics, and practical-based experiential learning to maximise impact.

We understand that High Performing Teams seek stimuli, and nurturing, to stay in the ‘performance zone,’ so our dynamic solutions are designed to ensure crew flourish and remain inspired to excel onboard. Learn more.

mental fitness


Studies highlight that poor mental health is becoming a significant issue for superyachts. Indeed, many crew members say that their mental health has deteriorated since joining the industry, with poor management, high workload, inadequate sleep, conflict, and separation, all identified as contributing factors.

We offer proactive training designed to energise and embolden. Armed with knowledge, understanding, and skills, the crew can develop a mentally strong, optimistic, and resilient mindset. This positive methodology is underpinned by extensive academic research, is utilised by elite teams, and is more effective than a reactive mental health approach.

BZ support leaders in creating and then implementing positive mental health and well-being strategies. This enables them to embed an onboard culture that champions mental fortitude and ultimately generates a high-performing and successful crew. Learn more.

intelligent recruitment

An erroneous selection is a big RISK to a yacht’s operation, particularly when recruiting for a senior or HOD position. It is financially expensive, problematic to manage, disrupts crew performance, re-recruiting is time-consuming, and the situation could negatively impact the owner/guests.

Other leading industries have moved away from recruiting purely using a candidate’s CV, Reference, and Interview, as it often results in negative outcomes. There is also no counter to the significant danger posed by your unconscious BIAS, which inescapably undermines your professional judgement and leads to misguided decision-making.

Using internationally reputable psychometrics, BZ’s experts help remove bias from the process, whilst also providing an objective insight into the candidate’s personal attributes, emotional stability, likely behaviours, strengths and weaknesses. You can then confidently assess the candidate’s personality and whether it’s a fit for the yacht’s culture, before making that all-important hiring decision. Learn more.

maritime onboard training

Mandated exercises and drills, development training, onboarding, and professional education, are all routinely conducted by the crew on yachts. However, individuals teaching these activities onboard often have little or no appropriate instruction on how to effectively deliver training. This situation can result in poor professional standards, is dangerous to the yacht’s operation, and can put the safety of crew and guests at increased risk.

We are professionally qualified Teachers and maritime onboard training specialists, who have designed and delivered the industry-leading Train-2-Train courses to produce capable Maritime Onboard Trainers.

The Train-2-Train courses deliver the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills, required for the crew to deliver highly effective training onboard yachts. This not only improves safety, it engenders a professional culture, and enhances the yacht’s reputation for investing in its crew. Learn more.

growth mindset

Being a leader or crew on a superyacht can be extremely challenging, particularly for those in more senior positions. Frequently operating in isolation, and carrying great responsibilities, you may often feel under pressure and unsupported. Who do you confide in and who empowers you to excel?

We have several Performance Coaches qualified and skilled in working on a 1:1 basis with leaders and crew aspiring to develop, improve, and reach their full potential. Our coaches can also work with you to explore career options and we have specialists in supporting other welfare or well-being challenges.

All of BZ’s Performance and Leadership Coaches have maritime leadership backgrounds, so they understand your language and the challenges of operating at sea. They provide a highly impactful, authentic, and totally confidential service, helping you face professional challenges, release your potential, and achieve your goals. Learn more.

Whilst technical ability and skills are important, the greatest RISKs to superyacht operations are poor leadership, under-performing crew members, and inadequate teamwork.


Gallup data shows that a lack of development and career growth is the number 1 reason employees leave a job

Professional Maritime Leadership

is fundamental to everything that happens onboard a yacht, from increased safety and performance, crew well-being and retention, to owner and guest experience.

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