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Through extensive discussions with superyacht officers and crew, it became apparent that:

Most had no training or real understanding of how to plan, deliver, and assess the effectiveness of onboard training and exercises.

Onboard training was sometimes poorly delivered, with safety exercises on some yachts often treated as ‘tick box’ activities.

When previously conducting onboard training, they had not considered the desired outcome of the activity or evaluated how effective the learning had been.  

A world-renowned Special Forces Unit have the following saying:

‘When under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.’

This philosophy drives them to constantly undertake the Continuous Professional Development of their people; training for performance and preparing them for all eventualities.

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We believe that crew on superyacht’s should be better prepared to deliver onboard training and to capably conduct exercises. Well trained crew will perform better, the owner/guest experience will be enhanced, and most importantly SAFETY onboard will be greatly improved.

BZ’s Train-2-Train courses have been designed by our team of experts, who are experienced maritime leaders, qualified further education Teachers, and are specialists in delivering training and development onboard.

Having crew onboard who have undertaken BZ’s Train-2-Train course is a force-multiplier*, and significantly advances professionalism in the superyacht industry.    

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Force multiplication* refers to a factor or a combination of factors that dramatically increases (hence, ‘multiplies’) the effectiveness of an individual, team, or organisation, giving the ability to accomplish greater things than without it. Contact us.

TRAIN-2-TRAIN (T2T): Overview

BZ’s T2T courses have been specifically designed for the maritime domain, recognising that the demands on Maritime Onboard Trainers are far higher than in other shoreside professions. Safety is at the forefront onboard a yacht, and the Trainer has many more factors to consider when planning and risk assessing than if they were in a classroom environment.

Maritime Onboard Trainers need to be innovative and adaptable, as very often the location of the training may need to be changed at short notice, or other activities onboard could impact it. They also do not have the luxury of purpose-built facilities, and often have to perform in less-than-ideal locations.

It is critical that mandated onboard exercises and training are conducted professionally and competently, as they have a direct impact on preventing accidents, dealing with emergencies, and keeping crew and guests safe. Contact us.

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It’s all to do with training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained

HRH Queen Elizabeth II 

TRAIN-2-TRAIN (T2T) : Maritime Onboard Trainer (MOT) - 2 Days

The T2T MOT Course equips officers and yacht crew to become capable Maritime Onboard Trainers.
On completion of the course attendees will be able to:
• Plan and deliver high-quality, focused, onboard training and exercises.
• Undertake dynamic risk assessments for training and exercises.
• Identify learning approaches that are suitable for the onboard environment.
• Evaluate individual and crew strengths and areas for development.
• Understand the use of different assessment methods to ensure the crew achieve identified learning outcomes (particularly important for mandatory safety training).
•  Use basic coaching techniques and how to provide effective feedback.
The 2-Day T2T MOT Course is recommended for all officers, Heads of Department, the crew responsible for conducting training, drills, or exercises, and other Crew (for development).

To engender a positive learning ambience, there is no formal assessment. Attendees will be provided with coaching, feedback, and development recommendations. On completion of the course, attendees will receive a Maritime Onboard Trainer Certificate. Contact us.

TRAIN-2-TRAIN (T2T) : Advanced Maritime Onboard Trainer (AMOT) - 1 Day

Building on the T2T MOT, Trainers will attain the skills and confidence to better facilitate training and deliver more complex drills or exercises. Attendees will also gain the ability to supervise other Trainers, providing guidance and development advice, whilst monitoring training standards.
On completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

• Employ active learning strategies including using a facilitative teaching approach.

• Broader understanding of learning theory and how this can be applied to improve the effectiveness of onboard training.

• How to evaluate strengths and areas for development of other Trainers.

• Effective listening skills, effective questioning techniques, coaching and mentoring.

• Supervision and management of training onboard a Superyacht

The 1-day T2T AMOT Course is suitable for all officers, Heads of Department, and yacht crew, who have previously undertaken the T2T MOT Course (or similar).

It is recommended that superyachts utilise a minimum of 2 AMOT-level crew onboard at any time (with larger yachts having at least 1 per Department). However, it is recognised with more AMOT-level Trainers onboard standards and performance will be considerably enhanced.

To promote positive learning, there is no prescribed assessment. Attendees are offered coaching, guidance, and suggestions for further development. On completion of the course, attendees will receive an Advanced Maritime Onboard Trainer Certificate. Contact us.

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