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• Counters cognitive Bias

• Enhance decision making

• Deliver better recruitment outcomes


flagship package

Selection for Command and Senior positions.

Our most comprehensive assessment, Flagship, reflects the importance of selecting the highest calibre of individual.

It provides an insight into a Candidate’s hidden personality, attitude, and expectations of behaviours in complex and evolving situations under pressure. It looks in-depth at 5 key areas for successful strategic leadership:

• Relating to Others
• Influence and Collaboration
• Thinking Style
• Structure and Flexibility
• Management of Pressure 

mainmast package

Selection for Head of Department (HOD) or Senior positions on smaller yachts.

The Mainmast package has been designed to reflect the importance of these roles and the advanced inter-personal skills required to be successful.

It analyses how Candidates perform across 5 fundamental qualities:

• Leadership Style
• Interaction with Others
• Decision Making
• Initiative
• Personal Adjustment to Pressure 

headmark package

Selection for Entry and Junior level positions.

In navigation, a Headmark ensures a vessel is on track and doesn't enter dangerous water.
The Headmark package has been designed for the same reason, keeping your selection on track and significantly minimising the danger of recruiting unsuitable crew.

It assesses teamwork attributes, including the ability to deal with the pressure and stress of life onboard. It also identifies any potential confidentiality concerns. 


Don’t RISK making an important recruitment decision without having all the pieces of the jigsaw.

Why Are Psychometrics Required?

Crew are not commonly ‘let go' from a yacht, due to their poor technical skills or ability, but rather because of unsuitable behaviour or their character doesn’t fit the culture onboard.

An erroneous selection decision is a considerable RISK to a yacht’s operations, particularly when recruiting for senior positions.

Leaders instinctively gather all the information before making an important decision. Yet, when it comes to the yacht recruitment process, this rationale is often overlooked. 

BZ Psychometrics

We combine in-depth psychometric assessments with expert interpretation and decision-making support.

Our Team of qualified and Registered Psychometric Practitioners have extensive experience working and leading in the maritime environment.

BZ have a range of options that apply to the job position and role seniority.  Psychometrics can be delivered very quickly to meet hiring timelines.


Our Professional Standards

As you would expect, BZ Maritime Leadership uphold the highest professional standards.

Our Psychometric Practitioners are highly trained, have undertaken extensive assessment to become professionally qualified, and are registered by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

BZ Psychometric Practitioner’s professional standing has also been recognised and they are accredited by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.

British Psychological Society
superyacht recruitment
Psychometric Instrument

BZ predominately utilises the 16 Personality Factors (16PF®) Psychometric Instrument for its selection and recruitment services.

The 16PF questionnaire is a robust, reliable measure of 16 personality traits that describe and predict a person’s behaviour in a variety of contexts. The instrument is used to select, develop and motivate the people who make organisations thrive.

With over 50 years of research behind it, the insights provided by the 16PF instrument are authenticated by over 2,700 independent, peer-reviewed research articles, making it a highly reliable, accurate predictor of future behaviour and likely success.

What this means for you: 

BZ Psychometric Practitioners are mandated to follow the Code of Good Practice for Psychological Testing.

They must also maintain their professional competency, undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD), comply with all regulations and restrictions relating to the use of psychological tests and the storage and use of test data.

Endorsement to practice can easily be verified on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) on the BPS Website. If you want peace of mind, just type in the name of the BZ Psychometric Practitioner to ensure you are in professionally safe hands!

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