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High Performing Crew

Successful teams don’t happen by accident. They are made, not born!

Teamwork = High-Performing Crew

Whilst a great Formula 1 (F1) driver boosts results, it is the team performance, including in the off-season, that determines the F1 World Championship. The importance of teamwork in F1 is visible on race days, particularly during action serials such as pit stops, but it is the non-visible teamwork across the entire operation, including at the factory, that is fundamental to the overall success of the F1 Team.

There are many similarities between an F1 Team and a superyacht crew. Like F1 Teams, superyacht crew are responsible for incredibly expensive assets, operate at the forefront of innovation with complex technology, and work in an exclusive arena where they are judged continually by results (where failure to deliver is not an option). 


BZ Trainers have vast experience in developing elite and high-performing teams, including Special Forces, Fighter Pilots and Squadrons, International Sports Teams, and Corporate Boards. We utilise this expertise, together with our understanding of the maritime domain, to create and develop high-performing crew on superyachts. Our methodology for delivering a High-Performing Crew targets 2 areas: 

Enduring Teamwork - Develops crew members so they can be highly effective for the entire 365 days of the year.

Dynamic Teamwork - Trains crew to have the ability to perform in intense and high-pressurised situations.

To create or develop High-Performing Crews we offer both Enduring Teamwork Training (ETT) and Dynamic Teamwork Training (DTT). Conducted onboard, in the classroom, or virtually, and is flexible in duration. BZ’s Teamwork Training is suitable for all officers and yacht crew and can be delivered to the entire yacht, by Department, or by position (ie to HODs).  Contact us.

Enduring Teamwork Training - Flexible Duration

Enduring Teamwork Training (ETT) cultivates and enhances the intrinsic qualities required to create an enduring High-Performing Crew, thereby improving the operation of the yacht and ultimately the owner/guest experience.

The ETT uses exercises, interactive discussion, and debate, to bring the crew together and encourage an ‘esprit de corps.’ Depending on the duration of the ETT, attendees will have:

• Understood the attributes required of a High-Performing Crew.
• Identified the crew’s ‘team development stage’ with a focus on enduring teamwork.

• Developed trust and rapport by increasing crew self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

• Better collaboration skills (reducing conflict/friction), and identification of a shared vision.

• An appreciation of difference and understand the value and challenges of a diverse team.
• Acquired the knowledge to enhance onboard communication and dialogue.
• Improved their thinking skills and problem-solving ability.

• Learned how to be more innovative and ready to embrace change.

team buildingMaslow's hierarchy of needs

Coaching, feedback, and development recommendations will be provided throughout the ETT. If psychometrics are utilised a full report will be provided to each attendee. There is no assessment.

Dynamic Teamwork Training - Flexible Duration

Dynamic Teamwork Training (DTT) develops and sharpens the crews ability to perform in high-intensity environments, think clearly under pressure, and operate in dynamically changing situations.

The DTT uses practical exercises and problem solving challenges, debate, and interactive discussion, to bring the crew together and promote an ‘esprit de corps.’

team development

Depending on the duration of the DTT, attendees will have:

• An understanding the critical components required for performance in dynamic environments.

• Have identified the crew ‘development stage’ with focus on dynamic teamworking ability.

• Explored the challenges of operating outside of their comfort zone.

• Improved their team communication skills.

• Developed better crew self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

• Improved their ability to co-operate, whilst developing crew synergy, in challenging situations.

• Developed practical problem solving techniques, particularly when under time constraints.

• Learnt how to embrace uncertainty, counter group thinking and increase awareness of cognitive biases. 

Developing Crew Self-Awareness Using Psychometrics - Flexible Duration 

High-Performing Crew have significant self-awareness and appreciate the strengths, diverse talents, and attributes of others onboard.

The importance of having a self-aware crew cannot be overstated, as it is at the core of everything. Self-aware crew can understand their strengths and weaknesses, recognise emotions, and the impact they have on themselves and the overall crew’s performance.

Having good self-awareness is a catalyst for developing Emotional Intelligence; the key component required for exceptional teamwork and a High-Performing Crew.


We use MBTI to work with yacht crew to help them:
• Understand and perfect Team Dynamics
• Enhance Communication and Dialogue
• Improve Thinking Skills and Problem-Solving
• Help Reduce Conflict and encourage Collaboration
• Counter Stress and support Mental Fitness and Resilience
• Boost Performance and Team Work
• Develop Leadership Skills and Confidence
• Be Innovative and Embrace Change
MBTI is underpinned by feedback and coaching by a qualified Practitioner, and this can be conducted either 1:1 or in a group setting.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Personality Assessment

BZ utilises the world-renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator, widely known as MBTI. This is used by organisations across the world, with over two million assessments administered annually, MBTI has over 70 years of meticulous research behind it.
The instrument defines personality type in a constructive, flexible, and liberating framework which provides insight into individual differences and strengths. MBTI also affords a valuable understanding of how individuals see and interact with the world, and how they can best contribute to the team onboard.

The sharing of the MBTI personality type allows everyone onboard to be more appreciative of each other and helps improve collaboration.  

MBTI Certified

Selection and Recruitment

People are key to creating and maintaining a High-Performance Crew onboard.

Unless it’s a new build, you obviously can’t recruit a completely new crew. However, you can ensure the crew being recruited have a personality that aligns with the yacht’s culture and fits with the team dynamics of the crew.

Get selection and recruiting right and it can enhance your crew and bring significant performance benefits. However, recruiting an unsuitable crew member is disruptive and can completely undermine the team’s cohesion and output.   


See BZ’s Intelligent Selection & Recruitment Page here to find out more about how to recruit the best people

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