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BZ offers a range of MFR solutions. Used by the military, emergency services, and elite teams, research shows the MFR methodology we utilise is highly effective. Our MFR Portfolio includes 3 courses, which can be delivered onboard, in a classroom, or virtually. We also provide bespoke packages to yachts, meeting exacting requirements and matching available training time. BZ’s MFR solutions can also be integrated with our other training courses.

MFR (365) and MFR (Thrive) are 1-day courses that are suitable for everyone onboard. They are designed to compliment each other and completing both will provide the best level of understanding, skills, and overall impact. However, if crew members cannot commit to 2-days, singularly undertaking either MFR (365) or MFR (Thrive) is still immensely beneficial.
The 1-day MFR (Leaders) course is for all officers, HODs, and crew aspiring to, or holding, leadership positions. Highly impactful, the training can be undertaken in addition to the MFR (365) and MFR (Thrive) courses.   

MFR 365

MFR (365)

MFR (365) is a proactive 1-day course proving crew with the knowledge and skills to develop great mental health and flourish. Focusing on 365 performance, it engenders a positive attitude to life onboard, with techniques to counter pressure and stress. 

MFR Thrive


The 1-day MFR (Thrive) course uses psychometrics to provide crew members with a powerful self-awareness of their personality, how it reacts to pressure and stress, and details helpful mitigation strategies. Performance related MFR techniques are covered in depth, and attendees explore how to optimise the mental health of other crew members.

MFR Leaders


This 1-day course helps leaders to create a WIN-WIN situation for all; where mentally fit, resilient, and productive crew can thrive whilst delivering the best yachting experience for guests and owners alike. It provides in-depth guidance on developing policies, procedures, and importantly how, as a pro-active leader, you create a positive culture that maximises MFR.

It is likely that 1 in 5 superyacht crew will suffer from some form of stress, anxiety, or extreme loneliness. Traditionally, there has been a reactionary and somewhat negative approach to Mental Health, and whilst well-intentioned, it has resulted in the subject becoming stigmatized.

BZ’s mission is to change this perception, shifting the focus onto positive actions that will keep crew mentally strong, fit, and healthy. This Mental Fitness and Resilience (MFR) strategy is not only good for the individual but is also great news for the yacht. Crew in peak mental condition will be able to perform at their best, even when operating in demanding situations.

It is our assessment that embedding good MFR onboard requires a holistic approach. That’s why we don’t just train crew, we also engage with onboard leadership teams to empower them to create a success culture. We firmly believe that leaders play a critical part in engendering an environment and culture where mentally healthy crew can flourish. 

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Everyone knows prevention is much better than cure! That’s why we take a proactive and positive approach to enhance onboard mental health!

Prevention is better than cure.

BZ’s MFR proactive approach enhances crew mental health.

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BZ Maritime Leadership | Mental Fitness & Resilience